Message from the presidents

This Community Report isn’t just about us. It’s also about YOU! It’s about how we’re making an impact on the lives of thousands of people and families across Québec thanks to your dedication.

When you support the Y through your work or donations, you’re helping Ariane succeed in school. You’re helping Lorenzo thrive at camp. You’re helping Cathy build a support network and take care of her health.

Everyone has their own path. We believe that a helping hand is all anyone needs to go one step further. To be inspired and be an inspiration to others. To reach their full potential.

This is why we welcome more than 120,000 people in Québec into our programs every year. No matter their age, background or situation, the Y is a welcoming, caring and friendly place for everyone.

You’re making it possible for us to have this impact. Donors, partners, volunteers, employees or members—you’re all changing lives in your own way.

Because the YMCA can be life-changing.